Bowl Delivery

Danny Heffernan delivers bowl..

  1. Keep weight on balls of feet when taking your stance.
  2. Feet facing "line of delivery" because the arm follows same line.
  3. Keep your concentration at peak level.
  4. Take a normal walking step (not too long or too short).
  5. Step straight along proposed "line of delivery".
  6. Co-ordinate your step and swing.
  7. Avoid twisting your shoulders.
  8. As you step forward, let your bowling arm become a pendulum.
  9. Keep your bowling arm in close to the body.
  10. Release your bowl approx 10" forward and to the side of the front foot.
  11. 90% of your weight will be on your front foot.
  12. Avoid pulling your arm across your body.
  13. Deliver out and forward with a normal follow-through.
  14. The palm of the hand should be facing along the "line of delivery" at the completion of the delivery.
  15. If "over bowling" your action could be too quick or over stepping.
  16. If "short bowling" your action could be too slow or under stepping.
  17. Bring your back foot up to your front foot after delivery of your bowl.
  18. Practice session on your own could be advantageous prior to your next coaching lesson.

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